Caelum Top Five(4)

Lieutenant General Mikti of the Xijing Security Department has received a secret letter from Zhao An. According to the contact information provided by Zhao An, Lucius was invited to come to the Xijing Security Building for a detailed discussion, and Lucius brought Yun Ying along with him. So far, Yun Ying has determined that Lucius is a credible person, and told Lucius and Lieutenant General Mikti the truth. Mikti also ordered someone to contact the Southeast Army to verify Yun Ying’s identity and confirm that what she said was true.

Mikti spoke first: “We searched the driver’s car and found the remaining alcohol he drank that day, and detected the residual methanol. We also went to the wine manufacturer to investigate, and there was no problem with the manufacturer. They are all fermented with grain to produce wine, and there is no industrial alcohol. It seems that the driver’s bottle has been replaced. As for who changed it, there is no clue yet.”

Yun Ying went on to say: “The Southeast Army contacted the Northern Army after discovering that the warhead was missing. The Northern Army helped to check the identities of the two technicians, both of whom were from the East and had worked in a private company in the East China Sea for more than 10 years. According to their colleagues, there is nothing strange about these two people. Although it is not known whether they stole the warhead or not, they were able to escape tracking by poisoning and causing a car accident. They are definitely not ordinary people. ulterior motives.”

Mikti was also puzzled, and then asked: “It took so much effort to run so far to the Southeast Military Region to steal only one warhead? What can a warhead without gunpowder do? If you want to commit crimes in Xijing, buy a knife locally. It’s more threatening than an empty warhead.” Most of the people present were puzzled, except for one person.

After a while, Lucius sighed and said, “The Holy Solstice is just around the corner. I’m worried that they are going to carry out terrorist attacks.”

As soon as this statement came out, the rest of the people present were shocked. Since the reunification of China a century ago, there has been no terrorist attack in the country. The people have been at peace for a long time, and they have no awareness of the terrorist attack. In addition to being shocked, everyone didn’t know how to answer. Lucius continued: “This group of people is by no means ordinary. They can steal a warhead from the heavily guarded southeast arsenal, can quickly find out that they are being followed and can plan to escape. They are by no means ordinary criminals, and they are also among the agents. Elite level. This kind of person can’t do petty things, only earth-shattering big things.”

“It is impossible to launch a terrorist attack with just an empty warhead.” Lieutenant General Mikti immediately questioned.

Lucius responded: “Maybe, the purpose of this empty warhead is not to deal damage, but to frame it.” He turned to look at Yun Ying, “Is there anything special about the warheads produced by your Southeast Arsenal?”

After hearing this, Yun Ying was also shocked, and immediately felt that the matter was extremely involved, and that a slight accident would drag the Southeast Army into the bottomless abyss. The month will be very humid, and our arsenal has adjusted the metal composition of weapons and ammunition to enhance rust resistance according to the local weather." She immediately understood and asked, “What do you mean, as long as the enemy assembles that empty warhead into When the complete bullet is fired at the scene of the terrorist attack, leaving the warhead behind, when people analyze its metal composition, they can pinpoint that it was made by the Southeast Arsenal, so as to transfer the suspicion to our Southeast Army?” Yun Ying finally wanted to understand The enemy only steals warheads in order to deceive others, paralyze the Southeast Army, and make their own side think that this matter is not important. If the commander-in-chief hadn’t been careful and asked himself to investigate in private, this conspiracy might have succeeded. Yun Ying immediately clenched her fists and was furious, “But the Southeast Army has nothing to do with this, and it is impossible to slander us with just a single bullet. The Central Ming Cha, the enemy’s trickery will not succeed.”

Lucius sighed and said slowly: “There are a lot of people gathered on the Holy Solstice Festival, and once a terrorist attack occurs, it will inevitably cause heavy casualties. What’s more, the Holy Solstice Festival has a special meaning to the local people. If you choose this day to make trouble, the damage will increase exponentially. When people are hit by a major blow, they will instinctively feel angry, impulsive, and irrational. Even if the central government can see the situation clearly, most of the victims cannot. It is easy to spread rumors, but it is difficult to dispel rumors. There must be many people who believe that it is related to the military. If the central government strives to protect your southeastern army, it will inevitably lead to dissatisfaction among the people in the west, and it is very likely to cause division within the country. If the central government, from the perspective of maintaining stability in the overall situation, must thoroughly investigate the southeast army, then your southeast army will be dissatisfied. It is bound to suffer a huge impact. The enemy’s series of actions have been conspiracy from the very beginning, so no matter what you choose, you will lose.” Yun Ying was speechless after hearing this.

Mick asked: “Is this your speculation? Or have you found evidence?”

“It’s just speculation at the moment, there’s no evidence yet.”

The venue fell into silence, and everyone except Lucius was thinking intensely. Although Lucius has no evidence, the cause and effect of his speculation seem to be self-evident. Even if the probability of a terrorist attack is extremely small, it is of great importance, and no one dares to despise the small probability. Especially Yun Ying, if Lucius’s guess is correct, then this matter involves the survival of the Southeast Army, and she can’t let go of such a risk.

Mikti was the first to break the silence, saying: “The Holy Hollow is the most important festival for us westerners, and it has extraordinary significance. People will come to the central square to celebrate on this day, rain or shine. If there is no definite evidence, Our autonomous region government can’t force people not to go to the central square. If it is forcibly banned, most people will not understand non-compliance. Comprehensively strengthen security, and thoroughly search the entire central square and its surroundings. On the day of the festival, additional staff will be dispatched to deal with any potential crisis.” The lieutenant general paused for a while, and said with a heavy heart: “I hope our worries are superfluous.”

At this point, everyone felt that there was no better way for a while, so they would leave.

Yun Ying and Lucius walked out together. After getting along for the past few days, Yun Ying has developed trust in him, but she still doesn’t know his origin, so she can’t help asking: “Who are you? Why do you have such a high level in the system?” Relationship channels? Even the lieutenant general of the Xijing Security Department can invite you to talk things over.”

Lucius smiled slightly and replied, “I’m an ordinary person outside the system. I just knew a friend in the imperial capital before. She worked in the Central Ministry of Internal Affairs. That friend trusted me, so he introduced me to the Xijing Security Department. Only then can we participate in this project. But it is inconvenient to reveal the identity of this friend in the imperial capital. As for you, what are you going to do next?”

Yun Ying said: “This matter has a lot to do with my Southeast Army, and I have to find out anyway.” But now she has no more clues, so she can only be anxious.

At this time, Lucius suggested: “It’s getting late, and no one is disturbing the street. Let’s go to the central square to investigate the environment first.” Yun Ying thought it was okay, so they went together.

The central square is located in the geographical center of Xijing City, extending in all directions and spacious. In the center of the square on the north side, a towering tower is erected, which is the “sacred tower” of the western people and is their belief totem. On both sides of the south side of the tower, there are two huge statues located on the east and west sides. They stretched out their hands from their respective positions and connected together to form a door called “Friendship Gate”. At the beginning of the founding of the Shina, the Zhao Li family formed an alliance on behalf of Nahar Khan, the leader of the eastern and western regions, and united to establish the country. Nahar Khan led the clan to accept the central government, and the central government with the four major families of Zhao, Li, Sun and Qian as the core also formed an alliance. Give high confidence to the western region and allow it to establish ethnic autonomous regions. In order to commemorate the friendship between the people of the east and the west, the government of the western autonomous region established the Friendship Gate in the central square as a symbol of the friendship between the east and the west.

There were only Lucius and Yun Ying in the empty square. Lucius circled around the central square many times, and Yun Ying asked, “What are you thinking?”

“I was thinking, if I was the enemy, how would I do the most damage with the least cost.”

The sky light suddenly stopped between the Holy Tower and the Friendship Gate, looked at the height of the tower and the distance between the tower and the gate, and said thoughtfully: “On the day of the Holy Hollow, a large number of people will gather here to worship the Holy Tower, as long as Can blow up the south base of the tower, let the tower collapse in the direction of the door, can crush the Friendship Gate, and the wreckage of the fallen tower and the door can cause mass casualties in an instant. Not only that, but also destroy the people of the west at the same time The totem of faith and the symbol of friendship between the East and the West can be described as killing three birds with one stone. If such a thing really happens, it will be a crisis of heaven and earth.”

Yun Ying immediately understood that Lucius’s speculation was very likely, and couldn’t help but take a breath and said, “What can we do now?”

“The enemy has been hidden and will not appear until the Holy of Holies. Until then, we can only wait patiently and think about countermeasures.”

While the two were talking, a figure slowly emerged.

“Who is there?” Yun Ying immediately stretched out her hands to hold the two knives at her waist, while Lucius stared in the direction of the visitor without saying a word.

The person who came was actually a young woman, holding a painting in her hand, and said to Lucius with a smile: “Dear Ph.D, it seems that you are in trouble again.”

Yun Ying looked at Lucius in confusion, and felt that this woman seemed to be his friend. Lucius stared at the painting in her hand and did not speak. The painting shows three tigers facing each other in a circle, as if they were discussing something. The unfamiliar woman continued, “This is my new painting, specially painted for you. After you see it, I will leave.”

Only then did Lucius ask, “Who are you? What does this painting mean?”

The unfamiliar woman turned around and left, saying as she walked, “Godlike childe has the power like a god. It is up to you to comprehend the meaning of the painting.” The woman suddenly turned her head and showed a meaningful smile: “I’m Tong Tong, and we will meet again in the future. See you.” After speaking, she quickly disappeared into the night.

Lucius Caelum
Lucius Caelum
Centrical Godlike

Childe of the Caelum Family

Yun Ying
Yun Ying
Captain of the Eagle Squad of the Southeast Army Special Forces

Mysterious soldier

Tong Tong
Tong Tong
Mysterious Painter

Mysterious Painter