Caelum Top Five(3)

Located in the north of Shina, the imperial capital is the capital, political center and economic center of Shina. More than a century ago, the old regime of Shina was unable to govern the country, foreign enemies invaded, domestic warlords were numerous, and the people were struggling to live. In the 920 year of the Guangying Era, the country was unified again, and the capital was set at Beidu, which was later renamed the Imperial Capital. Together with Donghai City, the most easternmost city in the mainland of Shina, they were called the two core cities of Shina.

In a deep house compound in the imperial capital, a young woman in red was sitting under a tree telling a story to a boy: “A long time ago, there was a forest. Tigers and antelopes lived in the forest. The antelopes graze, and the tigers prey on the antelopes. For a living, the two groups thrive independently, but if the tiger group survives too smoothly, the ecological balance of the forest will be broken sooner or later.” The boy blinked his eyes and asked in confusion, “Auntie, what is the ecological balance being broken? The woman said: “With the suppression of tigers, the reproduction of antelopes will not flood. But tigers, as the top predators of this forest ecological niche, can limit the number of tigers, only the upper limit of resources in this forest. Once tigers overproduce, it will approach the upper limit.” , the predation of antelope is too much, leading to the near extinction of the antelope group, and the survival of the tiger itself will be greatly threatened. At this time, the ecological balance has been broken. However, most forests can still maintain ecological balance for a long time, because All kinds of accidents and fighting among tigers will also limit the number of tigers, so it is not so easy to touch the resource limit and break the balance.” The boy nodded vaguely and asked, “If the tigers reach an agreement, What if we don’t fight with each other, how about living together peacefully?” The woman smiled and replied, “This kind of peace is short-lived and fragile. The tigers don’t fight now, it will only speed up the speed of their numbers approaching the resource limit. When the number of them is large enough to break the ecological balance, it is too late to think about managing the population.” The boy pouted and said disappointedly: “So is it necessary to limit the number of tigers to maintain the ecological balance? That way? If so, isn’t the tiger very pitiful?” The woman sighed and said, “Qi’er, you can’t just look at the problem from the tiger’s point of view, isn’t the antelope not pitiful? Everything has its own way of survival, and we must abide by the principles of nature. , do not be greedy. The laws are objective and are not transferred by the subjective will of people.”

While they were telling the story, an old man in a military uniform walked into the compound. When the boy saw it, he immediately forgot the story he didn’t understand, jumped up happily, and shouted, “Grandpa Zhao. .” The old man showed a loving smile and said, “Qi’er, I’m here to tell your aunt again.” The woman stood up and called out, “Father.” The old man teased Qi’er and asked The entourage took him back and walked into the inner room with his daughter.

After the two sat down face to face, the old man spoke first, “Since the tiger hunt, you seem to have done a lot of work.” The woman replied, “It’s been almost 100 years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and some interest groups have become a climate, and their The network of relationships is intricate, and there are too many private activities. After a thorough investigation, various problems, big and small, emerge in an endless stream. It is not difficult to find clues, but the difficulty is how to deal with them in the future. Who to deal with, and to what extent, All have to be considered.”

The old man sighed and said, “We all know this fact is not easy. If you do it, you will become the target of public criticism. Among the younger generation, you are talented in both civil and military, and you are determined and decisive. We are all optimistic about you. Although your cousin may He also has the ability, but he has great responsibilities and is not suitable to do these offending things, so he has no choice but to aggrieve you.” Instead, the woman smiled and said, “The laws are objective, and are not shifted by people’s subjective will. After all, someone needs to do this, and I am the best and the only candidate. I will not back down, but I am very happy.” The old man nodded and said, “My people have heard the rumors, Someone has already called you “the devil” in private. I know that you are devoted to the country, but you are sometimes too cold. Your cousin is kind and kind, and it will be good for both of you if your personalities can be neutralized.”

After listening to the woman, she said calmly: “I know how to be careful. There is a record in the family study that there must be a queer in the surrounding divisions, deliberately leaving some hope for the opponent, not doing things, and distracting their will, so that they will not resist desperately. Once the opponent gives up resistance and chooses to flee, we can win at a lower cost.”

The old man showed a gratified smile and said slowly, “An’er, among the younger generation, you are the one with the highest talent. Young Qing has already learned all the family studies that have accumulated for four generations. With a daughter like you, it is our Lucky for the two families. Our generation is already old, and the future belongs to your young people. You continue to carry out the tiger hunting operation, and report to me and your uncle if there is anything.” The two talked for a long time until late at night.

After an unknown amount of time, the woman walked out of the door and returned to her house. The tiger hunting operation started a few years ago, and it will not end for a while. She devises strategies every day, and after thinking about it, she is used to sleeping late. But she is energetic and different from ordinary people, so she doesn’t feel tired. While she was thinking, she heard a knock on the door, and one person said, “Miss, there is an urgent secret letter from Xijing, from your friend in Jiangnan.”

What did he do in Xijing? Xijing is far away from the political center and has been safe for decades. What urgent secret letter will there be there? The woman was puzzled and ordered outsiders to come in. She turned on the special computer and opened the mailbox. She has a special status and uses a special encrypted email address that only a few people know, and only a few people who have been granted permission can send secret messages to her mailbox. That Jiangnan friend was one of them.

The woman read the secret letter carefully, frowning as she read it. This matter also made her feel weird, but her instinct told her that she should not take it lightly. She thought hard. The outsider had come in and waited, it was her secretary. The secretary asked, “Would you like to send our people to Xijing to help with the investigation?”

After a while, the woman said: “Our people are still carrying out tiger hunting operations everywhere, and no one can get away for a while. Fortunately, this person is still reliable. He is in Xijing, and he understands the cause and effect. He does it, it should work.”

“But he is not one of ours, and he has not received professional training.” The secretary still had some doubts. He only knew that this person was a friend of the woman, but he did not know how capable he was.

“This man has a reputation for being a master of supernatural powers and supernatural powers. Although he is suspected of exaggerating propaganda by mortals, I have known him for a few years. Although he does not have any great talents, he is still alert and sensitive. The tiger-hunting operation is very important, and it can only be handed over to someone who is completely reliable. Although the Xijing thing is strange, but I haven’t figured out the details yet, let him investigate first, and don’t use those who are hunting tigers for the time being.” The woman paused. After a while, he continued to say to the secretary, “I am now writing a secret letter to Lieutenant General Mikti of the Xijing Government Security Department. You should follow up this matter and report to me immediately if there is any progress.”

“Yes!” The secretary answered in a salute.

The woman sat in front of the computer, typed slowly, and finished in a short while. She thought to herself: I didn’t have a chance to try you before, this time just let me see how amazing you are. Then left an inscription at the end of the secret letter:

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Shina, Zhao An.

Zhao An
Zhao An
North Pride

Lucius’s best friend. She regards Lucius as her lifelong rival.