Caelum Top Five(2)

Lucius Caelum returned to Nayi’s mansion. Nayi invited Lucius Caelum to participate in the festival this year, and arranged for him to live in her mansion. Seeing him coming back, Nayi hurriedly stepped forward and asked, “What’s the matter? Are you okay?” Lucius shook his hand and sat down on the sofa in the living room, “There are at least four people on the other side, and I don’t know what their origins are. It’s good or evil, but it’s definitely not simple. I don’t know what their purpose is, but don’t take it lightly.” Lucius pondered for a while, his face dignified, Na Yi did not disturb him, the whole living room was just the two of them, and the atmosphere froze for a while.

After a while, Lucius Caelum raised his brows and asked, “How are the little girl and the driver who caused the accident now?” Nayi saw that his expression had returned to normal, and she was relieved, and said, “The little girl was frightened, but it’s okay. , I brought her back and let her rest first. My mansion is big enough to let her stay for a few more days. As for the driver who caused the accident, I asked Michael to rescue him, and he was in a coma. When he didn’t wake up, he was sent to Xijing No. 1 Hospital for treatment. The police also rushed to the scene to investigate the cause of the accident. When he was rescued, he was found to be drunk, which seemed to be caused by drunk driving. The police have identified the driver. , is a native middle-aged uncle of the Western nationality. He drives his own truck to deliver goods every day, rain or shine.” Nayi didn’t know what happened today, “Do you think there is a conspiracy here? "

After listening to Nayi’s introduction, Lucius Caelum said, “I’m not sure yet. Tonight, I’ll go see that woman again.” Nayi still didn’t understand one thing, “By the way, how did you know she was a woman in the first place. I see that the person has short hair. Although he is thin, he is tall. She never made a sound at the scene.” Lucius smiled slightly and said, “We were on the second floor at the time, and I saw her out of the corner of my eye. The knuckles of my fingers are relatively slender, not like a man’s hand.” Nayi nodded and said, “You really observe carefully, no wonder people who know you have rumors that you are a master of supernatural powers and supernatural powers. Then how do you know where to go? Looking for her? Will it be dangerous? I will send someone to go with you.” Lucius Caelum shook his head and said, “She will also investigate the driver who caused the accident. I can wait for her in the hospital. You don’t need to send someone, people. If there are too many, I will startle the snake. I am enough alone. Although I don’t know the origin of the other party, it does not seem to be a vicious person. By the way, please tell the police in Xijing and let me go to the hospital to ask about the situation. It is estimated that the plainclothes police have already brought it under control. the ward where the driver was.”

“no problem.”

As night fell, Xijing had recovered. The traffic accident during the day only caused temporary chaos, but fortunately no casualties were caused. Xijing is the capital of the Western Regions and the largest city in the west. There are always several such traffic accidents every year. The local people I didn’t care, and quickly returned to normal life.

Yun Ying asked the Eagle team to watch the wind from the outside, changed into casual clothes, and walked into the Xijing First Hospital. She secretly observed the expressions of the people in the hospital, and it didn’t take long for her to find the floor where the driver of the accident was located - the floor with the most plainclothes police. Yun Ying didn’t want to cause more trouble, she knew she couldn’t approach the driver quietly under the stalking of so many plainclothes police.

“You’re finally here, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.” A person appeared from the corner, it was Lucius Caelum.

“I was looking for you.” Yun Ying’s goal here was not the driver, but Lucius Caelum.

“Go out and talk.” Lucius suggested.

“That’s the intention.” Then the two walked out of the hospital one after the other and found a remote place. Before Yun Ying could speak, Lucius said first: “I just wanted to talk to you a few more words during the day, but you acted impatiently, and your people followed so quickly, I haven’t finished speaking, I can only I left first. I checked later, this driver is a local and has never left the Western Regions since he was born. He drives deliveries every day, and the road he walks today is the only way for him. We will save him. When he came out, he smelled of alcohol. According to the reports of people around him, he was an alcoholic and would drink a little even when driving. But he has a good alcohol intake and doesn’t drink too much every day, so there has been no accident in the past decades. But today Something happened.” Yun Ying frowned when she heard this, and said, “Is it a coincidence? This is just a traffic accident caused by a drunk driving?”

“No, there is something else in this matter.” Lucius Caelum continued, “He was in a coma after being sent to the hospital. After examination, the doctor found that he was poisoned by methanol.” Yun Ying never drinks alcohol, and only heard people mention that ethanol is a One of the components of wine, but not very clear about methanol. Lucius Caelum saw the doubts in her eyes and continued: “Ethanol is often referred to as alcohol and one of the main components of wine. Although the main component of industrial alcohol is also ethanol, it contains a small amount of toxic methanol. The taste of alcohol is similar to ordinary wine, and it is not easy to distinguish. After mistakenly ingesting industrial alcohol, it will cause methanol poisoning, and the symptoms are confusion, sudden loss of vision, and even coma. This driver is addicted to alcohol and has to drink a little before driving every day. Why did you drink industrial alcohol as ordinary alcohol, which led to today’s accident.”

After such an explanation, Yun Ying understood and muttered to herself: “There are only two possibilities: one is that a black-hearted merchant mixes industrial alcohol with alcohol and sells him; his wine.”

“Which possibility do you prefer?” Lucius asked.

“There have been so many coincidences today. The driver made this accident, and the person I was watching took the opportunity to run away, just like planning ahead. It’s probably the second possibility.” Yun Ying realized that the opponent was not easy, and most likely it was the second possibility. I have found myself stalking them, so I set up this game to get away. The other party seemed to be in the dark, with undercurrents surging, plotting something shameful, and it was also closely related to the Southeast Army, while he had no clue and was led by the nose. Yun Ying suddenly punched the wall next to him, and with a bang, he punched a hole in the wall, venting his anger in this way. But she quickly calmed down and asked, “Who are you? What do you want to do?”

“Why do you think I will report my identity?” Lucius asked rhetorically.

Yun Ying, still with a stern expression, remained vigilant and said, “You tell me the clues during the day, and naturally you guide me to come to you at night. You took the initiative to say so much just now, probably because you think I can cooperate. You This must be done to exchange information with me. Only when I know your identity can you possibly get what you want.”

Lucius Caelum nodded slightly and continued: “Since I can tell you this, it means that I am not an accomplice of the people you are chasing. I am from the Jiangnan area, my name is Lucius Caelum, and this time I am invited by a friend from the west to participate. It’s Holy Solstice here. Today, my friends and I were on the second floor of the restaurant where the incident happened, and I happened to see you. I can see that you are by no means ordinary people, but you don’t look like a member of the underworld or the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Central Committee. People. You group of people from the east seem to come to Xijing to do something secretive.”

Yun Ying was puzzled and asked, “What are you doing? Why did you take the initiative to get involved in this matter?”

Lucius Caelum replied: “That western friend is my best friend. I don’t want to see her hometown threatened, and I don’t want to see her hurt. The group of people you are trying to track doesn’t seem to be kind, and they disregarded the safety of the people to create such a together. The accident is malicious, reckless, and reckless. I can’t just sit back and ignore it when I see it. Now that people have been lost, if you don’t exchange information with me, we can’t continue to track them. If they are really in the dark Whatever conspiracy is planned, you and I must not be willing to let them succeed.”

After hearing this, Yun Ying dispelled a lot of doubts and said, “My name is Yun Ying. It’s a big deal. I’m sorry I can’t tell you the rest. Unless you can make me believe you.”

Lucius Caelum thought for a while, and said slowly: “We have only discovered the tip of the iceberg. This matter should not be taken lightly. The plan for now is to seek help from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Central Committee. According to the information I have now, it is estimated that the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be interested in participating in the investigation. .”

Yun Ying wondered why Lucius Caelum seemed to understand the Ministry of Internal Affairs from the beginning, and immediately asked, “Are you from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Central Committee?”

“No, I’m just a civilian.”

“Then why do you know so much? How do you seek help from the Ministry of Internal Affairs?” Yun Ying continued to ask.

“Because another friend of mine is from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.” Lucius said lightly. A beam of moonlight shone on his face, and Yun Ying could see his calm expression on his face. What the hell is he about? Yun Ying had no idea for a while. There is only one thing she can be sure of, a huge conspiracy is brewing in Xijing, and she must not back down.

Lucius Caelum
Lucius Caelum
Centrical Godlike

Childe of the Caelum Family

West Innocence

Best friend of Lucius Caelum

Yun Ying
Yun Ying
Captain of the Eagle Squad of the Southeast Army Special Forces

Mysterious soldier