Caelum Top Five(1)

Lidow Era 1017.

Approaching the most important annual festival in the Western Regions, the “Holy Holiness Festival”, all local households have been busy, preparing to go to the central square of the capital Xijing on the “Sacred Holiness” day a week later to hold a grand ceremony to welcome the new year.

On Xijing Friendship Avenue, the crowd was bustling with laughter, but there was a short-haired man sitting on the open-air seat of the restaurant, frowning at the crowd not far away.

The short-haired person, Yun Ying, is a captain of the Special Forces of the Southeast Military Region of Shina, a large country of Lidow World. He came to Xijing this time to investigate a suspicious incident that happened in the Southeast Military Region about three weeks ago. The military system of Shina divides the country into three parts: the northern military region, the western military region, and the southeastern military region. Each military region has its own arsenal to produce and supply the weapons and ammunition it needs. Just three weeks ago, a minor production accident occurred at the Southeast Arsenal: a certain batch of produced bullets was missing one. After the arsenal was found, they sent people to search everywhere, but found nothing.

The upper country is a country that strictly controls guns and ammunition. If the bullet is lost, it must be recovered, but only the bullet is lost, it is not so serious. A bullet consists of four parts: warhead, case, gunpowder, and primer. In this production accident, only the warhead part was lost. Without gunpowder and other parts, it is impossible to launch it, so there is no harm, and there is only one, and the number is negligible. After searching for the arsenal for many days, the generals of the military region discussed it. Most people believed that a warhead without gunpowder could not cause harm, and the arsenal was set up deep inside the military region. If it caused trouble, I thought there was no need to continue looking for it. I recorded the demerit of the person in charge on the day of production, and I can be careful in the future. Although the commander-in-chief of the Southeast Military Region agreed, he was cautious by nature and felt a little strange intuitively, so he dispatched his confidant, Captain Yun Ying, to investigate the matter secretly. They discussed for a long time, and locked the doubts on the two external technicians who entered and exited the Southeast Military Region during that time.

The commander of the northern military region and the commander of the southeast military region are old friends. The two military regions have frequent exchanges on weekdays. The arsenals of the two regions exchange the latest weapons and equipment manufacturing technology every year. Experts from the North Arsenal came to the Southeast for exchanges this year. Because their new equipment contained the technology of external companies, they brought external technicians with them. The Southeast Arsenal conducted a body search and inspection when this group of external technicians entered the factory, and there was no problem. Yun Ying and the commander-in-chief were also puzzled by this, and there was no evidence to doubt them. In this case, even if it is reported to the central government, it is estimated that it will not be taken seriously by the Ministry of National Defense, but the commander-in-chief still feels that it is necessary to investigate, but it can only be investigated secretly. It will bring a lot of trouble. Yun Ying led his trusted eagle team, and a group of four set off to chase and follow the group, but it was a few days late, and the other party had already left. The Eagle Squad found clues after inquiring in many ways, and tracked it to Xijing, the capital of the western region, where they finally found the two targets.

Shina is divided into two parts: the east is densely populated and the economy is developed, and the west is vast and sparsely populated. The residents of the two places have their own ethnic customs. At that time, the four major families of Zhao, Li, Sun and Qian in the eastern part of Shina established their political power with themselves as the core, drove out foreign enemies, and joined forces with Nahar Khan, the leader of the western region, to unite the country in 920 of the Era of Light and Shadow. Zhao Li, the head of the Zhao family, Li Wenchang, the head of the Li family, and Nahar Khan shared the wine of friendship. Since then, national unity has become a common norm for the peoples of the East and West. Yun Ying knew very well that he should not act rashly in Xijing. The Eagle Squad’s plan had not been approved by the Ministry of National Defense, but was just a private action of the Southeast Army. If it was not handled properly, the consequences would be very troublesome. Therefore, the Eagle Squad just kept a certain distance and followed the target within a few days after arriving in Xijing, and wait and see. Yun Ying did not intend to seek support from the central government or the local government in Xijing, because they would only think that the southeastern army’s aggressive action for an empty warhead was unreasonable and would prevent the operation.

Yun Ying was sitting on the outdoor seat at the moment, holding a newspaper in front of her as cover, staring intently at the target across the street. Yun Ying still hadn’t found evidence of the group stealing warheads at this time, but found that the other party’s whereabouts were suspicious, not like ordinary technicians, and even more would not let their every move be spared.

At the same time, on the open bar on the second floor of the hotel, a man and a woman were sitting at the table chatting, with two attendants standing beside them. The woman said: “Holy Holiness is the most important festival for our people in the west. We generally believe in the holy, ah, the saying in the west is holy. In the east, you call it god, which means it anyway. It is said that holy is in the It will appear once a year to bring blessings to believers in places that cannot be seen. The Holy Day is the New Year of our western calendar, and it is also the most lively day of the year. I have long wanted to invite you to spend the holy day together. The festival is coming. Although there are more people in your east with atheistic views, it is always good to come and see the excitement. “The man said, “Thank you Nayi, the kindness is difficult. I am very happy that you can invite me.” He paused and said lightly, “Actually, I believe in the existence of gods.” The woman named Nayi didn’t expect him to say this, and she burst into a smile: “Young Master Lucius Caelum, I have known you for so many years. I thought you had studied physics and you should be a staunch atheist, but I didn’t expect you to believe in the existence of God, which is quite rare among Easterners, especially a physicist. Is this true? Actually, others believe it or not. , it doesn’t matter to me, this is personal freedom. I will not interfere with other people’s freedom of belief. Even if we are non-believers, we are still good friends.” The man named Lucius Caelum smiled, with sincerity in his eyes, “It’s true, I never lie to you.” Nayi nodded happily, “Of course I believe you.”

Suddenly, Lucius Caelum seemed to notice something and turned to look at the street on the ground. An out-of-control truck rushed out in an instant, rammed on the road, and galloped toward the sidewalk. There was no sign of stopping. Seeing this, the crowd fled for their lives, screaming and screaming, and the street immediately panicked. Seeing that things were not good, Yun Ying immediately got up and followed, and rushed forward against the flow of people. Before taking a few steps, a little girl who was running for her life ran back among the crowd. Yun Ying couldn’t dodge, and the two collided head-on, the little girl Being knocked into the air for several steps, Yun Ying’s line of sight was instantly blocked. When he looked again, he had lost the trace of the two targets. He was so anxious that he couldn’t care about the girl who fell on the ground, and immediately chased forward. The truck crossed the sidewalk and rammed straight into the roadside building, making a loud noise, the engine caught fire, the entire building was shaken violently, and a layer of glass was shattered.

While the crowd was in a panic, Lucius had come to the ground and quickly picked up the little girl and brought it into the restaurant. Nayi and two attendants went downstairs, took the little girl and comforted her softly, but the little girl was frightened and couldn’t stop. cry. Nayi slightly complained and said, “Why is that short-haired man so rude.” The little girl cried even louder after hearing this, and Nayi patted her on the back. “No, that’s a woman.” Lucius Caelum said as he walked out: “This little girl and the driver who caused the accident have been handed over to you. I’ll go check the situation.” Due to the sudden incident, the local police had not yet arrived at the scene. Yi then ordered the two entourages, Michael and Michael to go and rescue the driver from the car.

Several thoughts popped into Lucius Caelum’s mind in an instant. The short-haired woman was very skilled and unpretentious. She was either an underworld veteran or a well-trained military police. But her face is not like people from the west, it is unlikely that she is a local military police in Xijing. He felt that this matter was unusual, and immediately followed.

Yun Ying called the other three of the Eagle Squad and split up to find the target. This place is located in the old city center of Xijing, with low-rise bungalows all over the place, all kinds of alleys and roads are intricate, Yun Ying searched around anxiously, but found no trace of the target at all, as if the other party had disappeared from the world. Where is the problem? Was the out-of-control truck an accidental traffic accident, or was it a deliberate mess created by the other party’s accomplices? However, the Eagle Squad just arrived in Xijing a few days ago, and they have followed the two people very carefully, and it is impossible to be discovered so quickly. Yun Ying was in a state of turmoil in an instant, completely clueless. “Who?” Yun Ying sensed something was wrong, she turned around suddenly, and reached out to hold the two standard steel knives around her waist. In Xijing, she couldn’t use a gun unless she had to.

A man came out from the corner, it was Lucius Caelum, “From the beginning, I found out that you are not an ordinary person, who are you?”

Yun Ying saw that the other party seemed to come empty-handed, so she removed her hand from the handle of the knife, “Who are you? Are you an accomplice of those two?”

Hearing this, Lucius had already guessed the other party’s purpose, “Just now you were on the first floor, I was on the second floor, I saw that you were covering up by reading the newspaper, and your eyes were always staring somewhere ahead, as if you were stalking someone, sure enough So. Are you from the East? Is your superior surnamed Zhao?”

Yun Ying felt very strange and felt that this person was mysterious and seemed to be related to this matter. Now that the two targets have been lost, this person in front of him is the only clue. “Come with me.” Yun Ying said in a low voice, and immediately stepped forward to grab Lucius’s arm with empty hands. Just before she was about to touch, Lucius Caelum took a light step and flashed sideways. Yun Ying turned and swept his foot across his waist, but Lucius Caelum took another step back and avoided the foot. At this moment, the other three of the Eagle Squad heard the sound and had already arrived, and they flanked Lucius Caelum’s back path. Seeing that Yun Ying had already made a move with him, they immediately stepped forward to surround and arrest him. When Lucius Caelum saw this, he stretched out his left hand, and a wire hook shot out from his sleeve, hooked the eaves of the house on the left, and the wire hook instantly contracted and pulled Lucius Caelum to the roof. Lucius Caelum looked at the four people on the ground and saw that Yun Ying was the leader of the team. He said to Yun Ying, “Woman, if you want to continue to track your target, the truck driver who caused the accident is the clue.” disappeared from their sight.

Yun Ying looked at the empty roof and sighed, knowing that she could not catch up, and quickly led the Eagle team to retreat. A lot of things have happened today, and the police from Xijing have arrived nearby. Although the matter was not caused by them, it is not appropriate to stay here for a long time. They have to withdraw to a safe area before deciding their next move.

What happened today could not be a coincidence. Yun Ying concluded that there must be something wrong with those two technicians. Even if it wasn’t for the warhead, they should be tracked down to the end. As for the man who just fought, now it seems that the man is not an accomplice of the two technicians. Which link was exposed and discovered by the target? Who is that man? Yun Ying’s heart was full of doubts.

“Captain, what’s next?” asked a member of the Eagle Squad.

“Tonight, I’m going to see that man again. I already know where he’ll be,” the captain replied, his eyes full of determination.

Lucius Caelum
Lucius Caelum
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Yun Ying
Yun Ying
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